Tomato Crop Booster with Cover

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Our Tomato Crop Booster is ideal for protection from adverse weather and pests while ripening fruit and extending the growing season. The innovative design fully supports plants leading to higher yields. Suitable for use with pots growbags or plants in the ground. Made from clear UV stabilized PVC with a tough premium fabric and reinforced edges with strong durable chunky zippers for everyday use. The fully opening front can be rolled up for easy access to plants plus opening vents at each end with fine insect netting allowing ventilation. Haxnicks located in the UK is known for its plant protection and growing products. Tierra Garden is the exclusive distributor in the U.S and is proud to offer its innovative quality products to you! Product: 40″W x 64″H x 20″D 5.2 lb. Pack: 40″W x 10″H x 3″D. Pack Size: 1