Plant Deluxe Kit

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This Plant Deluxe Kit includes one each of the Standard Plant Alarm Tall Plant Alarm Plant Grooming Kit 4 Spike Water Kit and Plant Grow Light. Everything you need for indoor plant care. The Award-Winning Plant Alarm standard 8″L and tall 10.5″L checks moisture at the root level and gives you immediate notification of the plants water status. Flashes red when the plant needs water and green when it does not. The Plant Groomers are the perfect set of tools for all your indoor plants. Each kit comes with a trowel transplanter rake and metal snips. Perfect for tending to small plants terrariums cacti and seedlings. The Spike Water Kit keeps your plants watered while you are away. Each kit comes with 4 water spikes with nylon/polyester non-rotting cords. When the spike is placed in the plant and the wicking cord is placed in a bottle of water your plants will be taken care of up to 12 days. Control the amount of water with the adjustable valve. The Grow Light is the perfect plant booster. This light comes with a timer that can be set for 3/9/12 hours. Use the remote to turn the light to blue to boost foliage turn to the red light to promote flowering and turn to blue/red once your plant is all grown up! Tripod base is 7.25″ tall adjustable neck is 13.25″.