Plant Booster Grow Light

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Boosts growth with 20 high intensity red/blue LEDs. 7W power. 400-700 nm Photosynthetic Active Radiation wavelengths. Blue light boosts foliage ensure plants absorb more energy through the synthesis of chlorophyll stimulating germination red light promotes flowering enhances photosynthesis and red/blue combination speeds up growth. Spectacular results – plants think it’s June all year round! Low power consumption less than 2 cents per day. Attractive height adjustable white tripod. Timer function for unattended use – 3/9/12 hours. Universal USB connector. Suitable for all house plants: flowers foliage herbs succulents. The base of the tripod is 7.25″ tall. The adjustable neck is 13.25″ and the LED light section is 5.5″. 1 lbs.