King Size Bells 2pk

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The Haxnicks King-size Victorian Bell cloches are made from heavy duty vacuum-formed APET. Measuring 15 inches in diameter and 12 inches high the cloches promote stable and healthy growth of seedlings and tender plants and provides winter protection from frosts and harsh weather as well as slugs and other pests birds and pets. They also conserve warmth and direct rainwater and moisture into the surrounding soil. The bell shape has the pleasing appearance of original glass bell jars but with the practicality of sturdy air vents allowing easy ventilation and humidity control. Ideal for over-wintering of herbaceous border plants and semi-hardy perennials growing winter lettuces encouraging early crops of fruits and vegetables and establishing kitchen herb gardens. Two per package. For nearly 20 years the Haxnicks company has been designing and manufacturing innnovative garden care and plant protection products for their customers in England. Tierra Garden is proud to offer this distinctive line in the United States! Product: 15″D x 12″H 1.8lbs. Pack: 15″D x 13″H. Pack Size: 2