Ergo Raised Bed

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Graf Ergo Raised Bed garden bed system is ideal for those with limited space to easily plant their own herbs veggies and flowers. Raised garden beds have many advantages over conventional growing: early harvesting higher yields and more efficient ergonomic gardening to alleviate back strain. Made from UV-protected recycled polypropylene with decorative wood texture on surface it is more attractive than the plastic versions previously available and more practical than those made of wood. Moisture-resistant and maintenance free! The basic set is 6 panels each 22 inches long assembled into a hexagon-shape. Height can be increased by stacking additional sets to reach desired height increments of 10 inches added to height with each set. One set holds 52 gallons of soil. Easy to assemble no tools required. Made in Germany 5 year warranty. Additional panels can be added to extend length of bed sold separately Item #645101. 37.5″W x 10 ” H 9lbs 52 Gal