Easy Fleece Tunnel

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Whether extending your harvest into the fall or getting an early start for spring vegetables the Giant Easy Fleece Tunnel creates warmth and insulation while allowing water and sunlight to filter through to the plant. Forms a barrier against frost and harsh weather animals and pests. Can be used as a mini greenhouse in the summer. Made from UV-stabilized 45gsm heavy-weight polypropylene fleece and rust-proof galvanized steel hoops. Quick to set up the tunnel is a 1-piece design that opens like an accordion and fold neatly away after use. Ends of tunnel have open and closable drawstring allowing variable ventilation or completely closed protection. Easy to use easy to move and easy to store! For nearly 20 years the Haxnicks company has been designing and manufacturing innnovative garden care and plant protection products for their customers in England. Tierra Garden is proud to offer this distinctive line in the United States! Product: 118″L x 18″W x 12″H 1.75lbs. Pack: 19.7″W x 23.6″H. Pack Size: 1