Coir 20g Disc x 10 Pack – Growlite Premium

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GrowLife Coir Discs are a Peat-Free multi-use coir based growing medium that replaces compost. Coir is made of a premium formula mix with added nutrients for faster growth & healthier plants. This is tested and tried by commercial growers! Ideal for small space growers and indoor growers as it is easy to store and handle. GrowLife is perfect for pots planters hanging baskets and hydroponics. GrowLife is a cleaner and more hygenic alternative to peat based compost and has carefully controlled PH and EC levels which guarantee suitability for a wide variety of plants! Add 24 oz gallon of water to make .63 allons of this growing medium! Product: 2.4″D x .5″H 0.25lb. Pack: 2.4″D x 4.7″H