Clear Floor Doorstop

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These practical everyday aids ensure peace and quiet and protect doors walls and furniture. Because slamming doors are real nuisances! But that’s not all: the handles often strike deep into walls and furniture causing costly damage. Doorstops are a quick remedy – simply indispensable in your home office and workshop! The wall and floor doorstop is made of high-quality synthetic material and has a thermoplastic rubber bump protector. The self-adhesive floor doorstop adheres to all even surfaces. Fixing is quick and easy: Simply peel off the film and stick the cool stopper to the desired location. The doorstopper can be removed just as quickly and easily without leaving any residue: a twist is all it takes to remove it from the floor surface! Practical and nice to look at WAGNER doorstops are brand-name products. They are constantly tested for quality safety and longevity. 1.5 x 1.5 x 1.18 inches