Black Disk Doorstop

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These practical everyday aids ensure peace and quiet and protect doors walls and furniture. Because slamming doors are real nuisances! But that’s not all: the handles often strike deep into walls and furniture causing costly damage. Doorstops are a quick remedy – simply indispensable in your home office and workshop! A heavy body of industrial steel ensures that the modern floor doorstop will stand firmly and reliably. An extra-thick pad made of thermoplastic rubber ensures slip resistance and a perfect floor protection. A soft ring made of the same material serves as protection against bumps and effectively absorbs even hard door blows. The stable doorstop is simply placed wherever it is needed. Placed in front of the door it securely fixes it placed behind the door on the wall side it effectively absorbs even hard blows. And placed between the door and the door frame it keeps the door slightly open. Practical and nice to look at WAGNER doorstops are brand-name products. They are constantly tested for quality safety and longevity. 3.86 x 3.86 x 1.18 inches