8′ x 8′ Pre-Cut Micromesh Blanket

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Micromesh provides the ultimate organic solution for protecting your growing crops from pests and insects. Our blankets allow air and moisture through so your plants stay healthy and well nourished. Even better there is no need to remove it when watering or giving liquid feed just apply directly through the mesh.The ultra fine mesh is only 0.6mm which is small enough to keep out cabbage root flies carrot flies white flies onion flies flea beetles vine weevils aphids and others. Also keeps out bees wasps cutworm caterpillars moths and butterflies. Forms a barrier against insects birds animals and frosts. Allows sunlight watering and easy access to crops. Green tint provides shade and retains moisture. Pre-cut blankets come with fabric loops. Product: 96″W x 96″H 1lb. 16 fabric loops. Pack: 10″W x 14″H. Pack Size: 1