50-1400 Haxnicks Bamboo Display

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Our Haxnicks Bamboo Display includes products made from sustainable bamboo fiber and rice starch. This material is free from petroleum-based plastics and BPA. These products will last 5+ years indoors and out making them a great alternative to sinlge use pots and trays. They are also biodegradable and will compost in 6-12 months. These pots and saucers are perfect for growing herbs on a window sill or filling your greenhouse! The display includes- 18 4″ 5 pack bamboo pots 18 4″ 5 pack bamboo saucers 12 6″ 5 pack bamboo pots 12 6″ 5 pack bamboo saucers 20 8″ single bamboo pots 20 8″ single bamboo saucers 20 3 pack microgreens growing mats 20 bamboo seed trays 20 10 pack coir 100g disc 20 10 pack coir 20g disc and 1 display. Display: 25″W x 16.5″D x 62″H