34-9001 Peacock Classic Support Stakes & Couplers Display Product Only

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This display provides the best sellers in classic support stakes along with couplers to attach rings grids and borders. The support stake is the basis of the plant support and is available in five sizes on the display. Each stake comes with one coupler and a rounded knob to protect eyes. Individually pacaked standard and twister couplers also come on the display to build additional attachments. The display includes- 45 30″ stakes 45 40″ stakes 45 50″ stakes 30 “60 stakes 30 70” stakes 20 standard couplers 20 twisters and 20 custom leaflets. Maximize selling opportunities by pairing with the #34-9009 Classic Rings Grids and Borders Display and/or #PGS9009-3 Scalloped Rings Grids and Borders Display.