23″ x 12″ White Wood Moving Dolly

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This sturdy Wagner moving dolly 64-1319 is a combination of the excellent properties of coated plate materials proven in furniture construction with the great carrying capacity of sturdy MDF plates. Load platform and bottom is coated with an additional special coating that scores with high weather and light resistance. With it you can move boxes devices and heavy loads of up to 440 lbs. effortlessly and comfortably on an area of 23×12. Rollers are extremely robust impervious against scratches and traces of usage and particularly hard wearing and easy-care as well. Made in Germany and Wagner tested quality seal guarantee the highest quality. Perfect for household office and workshop use dollies are strong in many respects: they score with good design and sophisticated technical details. For those who want to move tools shopping boxes or other heavy loads up to 440 lbs. comfortably and safely. With the caddy weighing only 6lbs. and thanks to the handle hole you can move and store the transport aid easily.