About Us

Since 1996, we’ve partnered with vendors all over the world to bring you innovative, distinctive, and timeless garden products.

Our one-of-a-kind approach has provided, and continues to provide, you and your customers with an unmistakable difference in quality, design, and selection.

Our mission from day one still remains true today: to be your go-to supplier; the people you turn to for unique garden products. We offer exclusive brands such as DeWit Garden Tools, Haxnicks Garden Solutions, Little Pals Kids Gardening, Wagner Plant Caddies, Peacock Plant Supports,  SK Pottery, TDI Carts and Liners and Stone Age Creations that set us apart as your first choice for gardening supplies. Our goal is to spread the joy of gardening across the entire nation while providing products of the highest quality, world-class service, and creative solutions for the ever-changing needs of our environments. We want to help grow not only our customers, but also the gardens our products end up in.

Want to learn more? Call us, check us out online, or just ask around. You’ll see that we’re known for having a broad offering of relevant products, fast, efficient shipping, high fill rates, great merchandising displays, no hassle warranty replacement, spring dating programs, nationwide distribution and much more.

Thank you for choosing TDI Brands.

As we continue to garden the earth, we look forward to growing with you for many more years to come.